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Madden NFL 15 Developer Live Stream Recap

A few Madden NFL 15 devs took to Twitch today to talk what's new.
A few Madden NFL 15 devs took to Twitch today to talk what's new.

Madden NFL 15 got some extra attention today by its developers, as EA SPORTS’ upcoming football video game got the live stream treatment for over an hour to provide insight into some of the features thus-far revealed, and some few have been talking about.

Creative Director Rex Dickson teamed up with familiar tournament personality Ryan “RG” Glick to go over all of the essential gameplay elements added this year, and they did so not just with a slideshow breaking down each of the new features, but with live gameplay where you got to watch what happened, while they explained what you were looking at in real-time.

Among the features prominently discussed were the new tackling mechanics, and perhaps the biggest feature added this year, the overhaul of d-line pass rush controls. Some personal favorite insights and reveals included the new “Max Protect” slide protection feature, which allows players to block their tight end, as well as everyone in the backfield in the flick of a joystick, rather than having to tend to them individually before the play.

While it was nice to get some developer insight on all the core gameplay elements added this year, the biggest piece of news to come out of the live stream is certainly the revelation that the first bit of Madden 15 ratings will be revealed on Monday. Whether that includes top players at each position, team ratings, or by position group, we don’t yet know. The type of Madden 15 ratings that get released on Monday will likely tip us off on what to expect going forward in the ratings reveal process.

Madden NFL 15 Developer Live Stream Recap

• “Protect the Sticks” defensive adjustment can be used to position underneath zones at first down marker
• Flat flood concepts don’t appear to override “Protect the Sticks” feature
• Even allows flat zones can cover deeper first downs with “Protect the Sticks”
• “Bluff Blitz” makes a defender start the play like he’s blitzing, before dropping back to coverage
• Bluff is different from “Show Blitz,” as a defender actually fake blitzes during live play
• “First Step” snap timing impacts both pass and run plays
• Controller rumbles during fake snaps for d-linemen, just like real plays do
• Fake snaps to draw offsides are much more viable with players using first step
• Better press and chuck mechanics look much more natural.
• Coverage techniques let you play above, behind, left and right of receiver
• Collapse the pocket bull rushes and line steering when you can’t reach QB
• “Wide” defensive alignments now more effectively stifle outside runs
• Edge defenders will now look to “set the edge” while getting to outside runs
• Draws and other runs against max coverage defenses are much more effective
• You can now swat away passes as a receiver to help prevent interceptions
• All advisory icons are default off on All-Madden, can be toggled anytime
• Developer blog or video on new play selection menu is coming
• WR/DB interaction will be a focal point in future Madden NFL games
• Everything in skills trainer was built by just two people
• First Madden 15 ratings arriving on Monday

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Did we miss anything important? Check out the Madden NFL 15 developer stream video, then let us know in the comments below. The video is a bit stuttery, so don’t worry, it’s not you.

Madden NFL 15 Developer Stream Video

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    I want to know how to individually play press coverage. The freedom to bump a specific receiver not manually but assignment orientated. I would like to be able to just bump the slot reciever on some plays. How can this be accomplished?