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Madden NFL 15 Franchise Live Stream Recap

Madden NFL 15 Franchise got its own live stream from developers.
Madden NFL 15 Franchise got its own live stream from developers.

Madden NFL 15 Franchise details have already been revealed, however today we got a sneak peek at the mode in action thanks to EA’s developer live stream.

First there was a gameplay live stream, and then there was a presentation stream, and now EA game designers have taken us behind the scenes of the new franchise mode, which has been the focal point of fan interest over the last day, even over the full player ratings reveal.

While you can always watch the full video recap below, we’ve gone ahead and put together a bulleted outline of some of the Franchise details that stuck out to us the most during the live discussion. If there is anything important that you think we left out, feel free to toss it in the comments below, or tweet us @GoMadden.

Madden NFL 15 Franchise Live Stream Recap

Check out our overview of the live stream discussion below. I will say in advance if you’ve read our detailed look at CFM this season, then most of this will be redundant, however there are a few bits of information to be found.

• Game Prep allows you to focus on short-term, or long-term development.
• Performance in the game is the biggest influence of confidence.
• BYE weeks give you the most “time” to prepare in Game Prep.
• Trait Breakdown shows you why you get more/less XP in a drill.
• Camera view toggle works in practice drills.
• Recaps page keeps track of player progression history (confidence, XP, etc).
• Game Prep drills can be delegated to CPU if preferred.
• More XP for in-game drills than simulated drills.
• Game Prep drill performance is rated on medal scale like Skills Trainer.
• CFM can sim forward to key points in the future (conflicting reports on if works online).
• Multiple commissioners can be assigned to online CFM.
• All cities have new uniform designs.
• At least one custom fan uniform/logo design was revealed.
• Team relocation process was walked through on stream.
• XP can be spent in bulk, which we already knew.
• Draft classes are random to help prevent draft guide cheaters.
• Every draft class is unique as a result of the random classes.
• Unique storylines were not broken by random players in draft classes.
• Simming seasons still appears to take a very long time to process.
• You can spend all your time in a week every week on just one player if you want.
• The above sounds way overpowered. I’d expect that to get changed.
• Playoff experiences have special presentation
• Significant games mean more to confidence, ticket sales, etc…
• Expect more trades from CPU throughout the season
• Pro Bowl is no longer conference based (now fan vote with legend captains)
• Owner mode is much more challenging to achieve financial success
• Players sent to IR can be recovered later if they heal quick enough like in NFL.
• Player body type for generated players tends to match up with size/ratings
• Default camera for players will be that position (defensive cam for LB, for example).
• Camera can be toggled and changed just like in regular games.
• Inaccurate passes were re-stated to be as significant as has been claimed.
• Game sim logic has been tweaked considerably, including Super Sim.
• Madden Ultimate Team developer stream is on the horizon

Madden NFL 15 Franchise Live Stream VOD

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