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Madden NFL 15 Franchise Mode Wishlist

We like to sit on the sideline and tell you what you should be doing.
We like to sit on the sideline and tell you what you should be doing.

We’re not too far away now from the release of Madden NFL 15, so while it may be too late for EA to incorporate fundamental changes to its game at the last minute, that isn’t going to stop us from putting together our Madden 15 franchise mode wishlist.

EA has yet to reveal their hand when it comes to the game’s Connected Franchise mode (CFM for short), so there’s a chance some of what we would like to see in the game is already there. Over the coming weeks, we expect to learn more about any changes made to franchise mode, along with the ratings reveal that is surely on its way.

In the meantime, here is our Madden NFL 15 Franchise mode wishlist, pulled together from both feedback provided by the community, as well as our own thoughts and opinions. Feel free to add your own ideas to this list by suggesting them in the comments below.

Madden NFL 15 Franchise Mode Wishlist

• Better week-to-week pre-game strategy options
There’s a decent chunk of the community that likes to sim through games in Franchise mode in Madden, and focus on building their roster and building an offensive and defensive system. Unfortunately, there are no good week-to-week strategy options, which means you can’t specialize a gameplan for the simulation to adhere to, like how often to blitz that week, how much to play man coverage, which mismatch to target more often or even something as simple as how often to run to the left versus the right.

• In-game league updates
Players who dig themselves deep into franchise mode have been longing for a deeper, more connected game-day experience that includes updates from around the league, perhaps even optional tickers that show updates “as they happen” in the league, and live game scores that progress along with your own game. This adds a real sense of division and connection to your league, and while it may not be so useful in online where game times are scattered, it would be great for offline play or CPU filled leagues.

• Deeper scouting system
I have not been a big fan of the scouting changes that were introduced in recent years, primarily because it leaves players in the absolute dark once players they have “scouted” are off the board. While this sounds realistic, the truth is it’s not, because real NFL teams acquire information on players in many ways (such as combine times, and game tape), and can scout hundreds of players, not merely a small handful. Personally, I’ve always wanted a deep “Scouting 2.0” type system, where you actually review players in replay mode, and use that along with combine measurables to inform your scouting. That approach may be too time consuming for some, but in the very least they should bring back combine results in Madden 15 for when you’re in the dark.

• Faster season simulation
Good lord, does it take a long time to sim through a season in franchise mode. Some players like to skip through a season for one reason or another to get to the next, and it’s an absolutely tedious chore. There has to be some way to speed things up here. It’s been faster in the past, and we can make her fast again. This is notoriously bad in offline mode, where the game goes through checks and saves of sorts every bloody second.

• Bulk point distribution
It boggles my mind that this still isn’t in franchise mode yet, but please let us start spending experience points earned in bulk. I wrote about this prior to Madden 25 to no avail, but I’ll try again here. Let’s say you have a couple weeks worth of XP saved up for a player, or just have a ton of new points from end-of-season bonuses. If you wanted to add a half dozen points somewhere, you would have to select the attribute, hit A, wait for a dialog to ask you if this is where you want to spend your points, spend your points, wait for the game to acknowledge your action, and then you have to start all over again several times. Now, go do it for 50 players. See the problem? It’s really quite ridiculous and simple to fix. Just let players use the joystick to decide how many points you want to allocate, before accepting by hitting “A.” Problem solved.

• Real randomized draft class
This is something that for technical reasons wasn’t in Madden 25, but I hope it can finally arrive. No, I am not talking about completely random players, ratings and all, I am merely talking about randomizing player names with their obvious pre-scouting attributes. EA tried to give pseudo-random results by making these must-have prospects a bust once in a while, but people still don’t spend many scouting points when they see these premier prospects, because they know they only have to check one or two ratings (like injury, or speed) to know if they are the bust version or the real version. Random draft classes are critical to the health of online franchise drafts. Cheating has become so prominent in online drafts that it’s basically become a foregone conclusion that people will look up draft cheat sheets in Madden 15, and there’s little leagues can do about it.

• In-game match scheduler
Match scheduling is the only part of online Connected Franchise that no one likes, and it’s because it requires people to go out of their way to message users and work out times. Instead, things would go a lot smoother if match scheduling could be set up inside the game, including a reminder that your match is not yet scheduled on your franchise home menu. This could be done simply by having the home team decide the date/time (automatically converted for time zones for your opponent), and the opponent either agreeing or offering a counter-schedule. A message could be sent to users to alert them that a match time schedule is awaiting their confirmation to ensure everything is done as quickly and smoothly as possible.

• Game highlights from around the league
This goes back to being better connected to the league, but this is particularly fun for online leagues. Save the best highlights from the game (or let players choose a few highlights after each game) and feature them prominently on the league home menu. I’d love to be able to see that someone in my league won on a last-second punt return touchdown, or that a hail mary before half-time completely changed the game. Either choosing for, or letting players choose highlights from their respective games and featuring them for the whole league to see would be an awesome addition that would strengthen the sense of community in leagues in Madden 15, and increase immersion.

• Game replays for scouting
Alright, I have no idea how technically feasible this is, but pretty much every competitive PC game in the world these days allows you to save game replays right onto your computer, and I’m not sure why we can’t do the same for consoles. There’s certainly the harddrive space available for it these days. This has interesting implications for online franchise mode, because a replay system would allow you to not only keep track of your season’s games, but perhaps more importantly allow your opponents to scout you before the match (another fun thing to do in downtime between weeks and while awaiting match scheduling). This would even help immensely to end inter-league disputes about players not following certain rules, which makes it the ultimate commissioner tool. Before this can be done, EA obviously has to work out a good spectator system, but in concept I think this is a good addition that should arrive at some point.

• Your own ideas!
You guys always come up with great ideas, so let’s hear yours. Put your thoughts in the comments below, and remember we’re trying to keep this as isolated to franchise mode as we can. Have a neat idea, or simply disagree with something on this list already? Drop your Madden NFL 15 thoughts below.

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  • Brandon Ragland

    I’ve never found a legit LG that stays above water for more than a season!

    • Kristian Wymbs

      What system are you on? We’ve done a lg on 13 and now on 25 on the ps4 we are in season 7 or 8 now. And gonna have one for 15

    • GoMadden

      There’s great leagues every season on Reddit. Check out the sidebar on the /r/Madden subreddit. Many of those leagues last the entire game cycle.

    • P.T.

      then your looking in the wrong places bro , ours has been running since m12 and never stops from madden to madden

    • Will Moore

      its tough finding a good one if you dont know the people… i started one in 2003 with 6 friends where we had take memory cards to houses until it became online. wover the years friends added thier friends and we up to 26 people this year… doesnt mean we didnt have to kick people along the way. ive commish every year and prob moving to the x box 1 next year, kinda feels like a second job sometimes. if u interested when it comes out let me know

  • P.T.

    For online (human filled) franchises –

    1- i want to see communities come back , and allow us to connect a community to say 3-5 dif online leagues. Reasons for this is multiple. One we would be allowed to use our league teams we build in the community games instead of stock rosters, but the teams we actualyl build. This would be great for bye weeks so guys can still practice up with their real teams and have games to play with others on byes, it would allow you more practice with your real roster you build , so you can really gameplan well with who fits best where. Also it could help bring more leagues together in meeting other like minded players to play against instead of having to play friggin lobby players who cheese all day.

    2- CB-WR pregame MATCH UPS ! Its really simple ! let us set up our best cbs to always line up in front of their best WR so when someone puts their number 1 wr in the slot its not gonna have a # 3 or 4 cb guarding him!

    3- I agree , bring in a ticker on bottom of screen, updating scores from around league, of games already played, games in progress, and even injuries and stats leaders for the week. Just like when i watch a real nfl game.

    4- Bring back LIVE WEATHER . It used to be in the game, like alot of things, it was tied to the weather channels website, whatever the real time weather was in the city your game was in , is what you played in, bring it back!



    7- Better challenge system, one that works and lets you pick what you wanna challenge on the play or call.

    8 – keep track of each owners plays and style and tendencies ( only what they do within that particular league) and give insight to us the week we are set to play them as like a “what to watch for ” or something. In real life teams watch old footage of them to see what they like to do, give us that in our leagues. This would help guys to mix things up alot more.Also this info should determine how the practice team plays the week you face that opponent. so practice would really allow you to practice what to do against that players play style and tendencies. REAL GAMEPLANNING!

    9 – let us play 11-11 in pro bowl , maybe the top 11 teams with most players in it get to play or something. bf4 allows 64 players online at once in a match, cant we get 1 11-11 game?

    10 – Fix the text system from the ea website to send out notifications , it didnt work on ps4!

    11- allow owners to draft from ea website!

    12- allow owners and commish to set players to “simulate” if they cant make a game, instead of putting them on auto, let us pick simulate from ea website so we dont have to get to a console and load game up just to do this!

    these are just off the top of my head . we need more things like this to really be put into the game . i like the direction its been going since m13 but still needs to continue to add to and improve! I look forward to what is to come!

  • Mikenice23

    I want to hear all the players names by the announcers in franchise mode especially the new draft picks or even created players. It would help the realism of the game to hear sims and nantz say at least the last name of the newly drafted players. They used to do it so I don’t know why they took that out!

  • Alex Toupal

    CUSTOM DRAFT CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • disappointed ncaa fan

      Well said

  • Sam Cala

    Fix the cap, contract, franchise tags. I know they had an excellent system for one of the later versions on ps2 where you could front load or backload contracts, place a transition tag and actually manage how the bonuses are spread over the seasons but sadly everything went downhill since ps3 came out

  • David Livingston

    Realignment…I hate that, let’s say the Rams move to Toronto or the Jaguars to LA and they have to play in the NFC West or the AFC South…would be so much easier if you could swap teams (a la old NCAA Football). I love relocating teams, but you almost have to do it based on division.

  • Boss Man

    you know what could be cool, as its become part of the everyday NFL, have a player get into trouble with the law during a season. have a ratings system for character, those with low ratings are more susceptible to getting in trouble..makes being a GM more life-like..rememeber EA, if its in the game, its in the game..

    • DeLonte’ McMillian

      There should be off season camps/programs which you can build a players character though. It would anger players if your top player who is also trouble, can’t get it together because you have no choice or ability to change it.

  • Dude

    Fantasy draft request: Player contracts should be reset and salary allocated based on draft slot (scaled by position so a RT doesn’t get QB money or anything). Each year there are great players in the last year of their contracts so it’s too risky to draft them early and risk losing them in FA after 1 season.

  • DeLonte’ McMillian

    Reach me on twitter @SportzTeam_Arch

    1… I think for offline and online purposes it is extremely important that they bring back the match up settings where you can lock your corners on certain recievers 1 on 1. A lot of players put Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, Fitz etc, in the slot because its an obvious mismatch. There is NO reason for this to be allowed. If the offense can change their in game line up then defensive players should be able to match. It should be a game of chess.

    2… Right… We all want the ticker while we are playing in games during our seasons in franchise mode. Doesn’t it take weeks sometimes for trades and signings to be negotiated, I would love to see what my division rival or another team is rumored to be negotiating on the ticker as well as scores, injuries, etc…

    3… In online franchise modes, for people WHO LOVE FOOTBALL like I do, there should be an ability to spectate user games that you aren’t in even if you are only able to spectate games in Online franchises that you are a member of. This would make the playoffs huge and it would make football a year round sport.

    4… Why should we have to relocate a team to change uniforms. We can’t even creat the uniforms now. Why can’t we create new uniforms and use the natural team logo? Put this in the game.

    5… When a big play is made or a play is ended out of bounds, what about sideline interaction. When a big hit is made close to the sidelines, teammates should be at least a little involved in the celeration.

    6… Bring back hold outs, player and team morale, team chemistry, player morale that effects free agency, hold out players, negotiations.

    7… I would like to see physical combine workouts for players you choose to select to scout. Im sure his draft projection will compute his workout results but what if you select to scout a Running back projected round 4-5 but he runs a 4.29 in the 40 as you watch the simulation… It would make you feel great as a player that you did the work to find and hopefully select this guy in the draft before another team does.

    8… I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE CO-OP Career/ Franchise modes online. Even if you and your partner begin careers on different teams, once free agency hits, you can try to change a franchise and make it successful with your individual player.

  • Eric Jackson

    Multi players get to play on the same team in connected franchise would be great til madden infinity comes out

  • Eric Jackson

    Bring down xp points for speed and acceleration for certain positions fs and ss. 33300 really i got over 6picks a season 50 tackles. No way im getting that much

  • JB

    The ability to set up a true draft board. There are always a few guys who can not make the live draft. They should not have to let the CPU AI make their picks.

  • Ron Best

    Connected Franchise where up to 3 or 4 people can play on the same team. It would be awesome to play back to back seasons with my friend as running back and me as quarterback.

    • Ron Best

      Also being able to sim the practices and if you won you got the regular 2000 xp and if you lost you got 1000 xp. The game becomes bogged down when your trying to fly through the regular season and you have to stop and play each practice in order to get an adequate amount of xp for your players.

  • Will Moore

    I know we are prob not gonna get it anytime soon but how bout spectator mode??? kinda like COD where u can watch someones elses game get played… i run a connected franchise mode on x box 360 and when i had roommates i enjoyed watching them play opponents ,and honestly i think we were top players in the league because we got to watch each other play and learn things off them.

    for obvious lag reasons i dont think all 32 should be able to spectate,but wouldnt it be cool for 2-4 spectators… and the commissioner could chose who can spectate or even first come first serve . would be like watching game film… dont know how hard it would be to put in a sports games but i think it would be great for madden

  • disappointed ncaa fan

    I would like the ability to edit draft classes. With the untimely demise of Ncaa football we are no longer able to import draft classes so like 2k basketball I would love to edit and save draft classes as a substitute

  • Adrian Juarez

    Madden should have a create a draftee in connected franchise just like create a recruit was for NCAA dynasty, like with a limited source of slots at 8 to play it fair and also to represent each draft round and the undrafted. Also implement NFL Head Coach’s Create a play, and league expansion (teams, schedules, playoffs) and realignments. Also reimplement legends into free agency!!!

  • chris9465

    after all these years ive given up hope franchise mode will ever have any kind of depth or customization…..

  • Justin

    I haven’t played Madden 25, so it may have been fixed, but I know that originally in Madden 13 they had removed the fantasy draft at the beginning of franchise mode, then they added it back in. When they did, it was terrible. I loved the way it was in previous games and unless this game’s is similar, I won’t be buying it.

    • Oscar Atterberry

      The Fantasy Draft issue has been fixed.

  • Ian

    Please stop changing the player ratings from the “My Madden” menu to the CFM. Look up the rosters from the main menu, everything looks good. Enter the CFM, the best players in the league are horrible. Just keep the same ratings across the board for every game mode.

  • Ian

    Oh also find a way to stop the AI from moving half the league across the country. The St. Louis Rams will never become the Austin Armadillo’s.

  • Jacob Pence

    I want Kicker and Punter options for Superstar Mode. Am I the only one who really dug these options in 07 on PS2? I think they are fun, and different. I mean we can be a Left Takle, but not a Kicker? A LT can block, but a Kicker could make a game winning feild goal to win it all!