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Madden NFL 15 is Free With Xbox One in New Bundle

EA and Xbox One are joining forces once again.
EA and Xbox One are joining forces once again.

Madden NFL 15 won’t cost you a penny this year, well, as long as you are making the leap to the Xbox One. In a new promotion recently revealed, a $399.99 kinect-less console bundle will be available on August 26th, and will include a full copy of Madden 15.

We first heard about the news over on GameSpot, which also revealed that buyers will receive some bonus Madden Ultimate Team content in the form of three pro packs with the package. The catch? You are not getting an actual physical copy of Madden 15, but rather a code for a free download of its digital counterpart. For some, that won’t matter, however for others it might.

The new Xbox One Madden NFL 15 bundle is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, as well as at other online retailers.

It makes sense that the bundle won’t be available until August 26th, because that’s when Madden 15 releases to the public. Currently, there is a ton of attention in the Madden NFL community surrounding the full player ratings that are in the process of being revealed by EA. Fans are still waiting on details surrounding the game’s Franchise mode (here’s one), while we’ve already seen a good amount of what’s new in MUT this season.

For those that want to play Madden 15 before deciding on investing in a console bundle with it included, there will be plenty of time to wait and see if a Madden 15 demo is released. Historically, the demo date has been two weeks away from game launch, which in this case means you should be on the lookout for info starting next week, if there is to be a demo at all.

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