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Madden NFL 15’s ‘Futuristic Deluxe Stadium’ a GameStop MUT Exclusive

GameStop's new Madden 15 pre-order bonus is all about atmosphere.
GameStop's new Madden 15 pre-order bonus is all about atmosphere.

The Madden NFL franchise always has a couple of pre-order bonuses exclusive to major online retailers, and Madden NFL 15 is no different. This time around, GameStop has secured Connected Franchise Mode’s popular “Futuristic Deluxe Stadium” for use in Madden Ultimate Team when you pre-order.

Initially fans were concerned that EA was taking the unique stadium out of the game and handing it over to GameStop, but community site OperationSports was able to confirm that the deal is only related to Madden Ultimate Team, which previously did not have the stadium. That means CFM players can still choose the Futuristic Deluxe Stadium when they attempt to relocate.

The attention to MUT pre-order exclusives is interesting, because EA is already pushing out a Madden NFL 15: Ultimate Edition of the game, which features a purported $40 worth of MUT content packed in for only $10 more than the game’s retail price. At this time, I don’t see this stadium bonus on GameStop’s Ultimate Edition of the game (just the standard edition), which means anyone who likely would have been enticed by the deal would rather get the Ultimate Edition, and there is no particular reason to get the Ultimate Edition at GameStop.

The saving grace, at least for EA, is that it might be a curiosity addition that will get people who pre-order the game at GameStop to start fiddling around in MUT. We don’t yet know how different this year’s FDS will be compared to last year’s, but it was a popular stadium choice in relocation in CFM, and with the addition of seasons to MUT in Madden 25, this might draw some kind of interest among Madden NFL 15 MUT fans.

Madden NFL 15 ‘Futuristic Deluxe Stadium’

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  • og49erfan

    kind of a dumb bonus imo

  • Chris52700

    especially if you couldnt care less about the dumb ultimate team bs