Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

The Day Madden NFL 15 Was Invaded By Tiny Titan

He's only one foot tall, but that hasn't stopped him from chasing his NFL dream.
He's only one foot tall, but that hasn't stopped him from chasing his NFL dream.

He’s 1 foot, 2 inches tall. In other words, the internet’s plea to get Kevin Hart in the game has been achieved in the form of glitched-out rookie LB Christian Kirksey in the latest Madden Ultimate Team solo challenge.

According to Polygon’s Owen Good, Madden’s greatest glitch ever has already been corrected, however not before tons of video and images made their rounds across the internet. In some ways, it’s hard to say this is actually a glitch, as he really was listed at 1’2″ which to me sounds like everything is working just fine!

How exactly did the internet respond to the most unexpected, adorable glitch in Madden history? With lots and lots of pictures and videos, of course. It’s too bad we didn’t go meet the little guy during our Madden 15 review, because he’s certainly with a few extra points in one direction or the other, depending on how good of a mood you are in.

I shall call him, Tiny Titan. A man, no, a football star locked inside a body too small for his big dreams. A star tormented by his size, ridiculed by his peers, that fights the every-day oppression brought on by his digital measurements.

Meet The Mini Madden Star

He swags so hard it doesn’t matter if the pass is caught or not.

He’s got great ball instincts.

All the other players love him.

But he does have his weaknesses.

Ultimately, though, he’s a real inspirational story.

Plus, the real Christian Kirksey doesn’t seem to mind.

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