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Madden NFL 15’s Player Sense 2.0 Video Details Pass Defense

Pass coverage didn't go without significant changes this year in Madden 15.
Pass coverage didn't go without significant changes this year in Madden 15.

Madden NFL 15 is getting a big overhaul on the defensive side of the ball, but it’s not just the d-line pass rush or tackling mechanics that are getting all the attention. In a new video released today, EA SPORTS jumped into more details surrounding “Player Sense 2.0,” and how it impacts pass coverage.

A brief blog accompanied the video, which provides a few screen captures and highlights some of the important points discussed.

The updates to Madden’s Player Sense are something we learned briefly about in past blogs and from Madden 15’s E3 2014 showing, however this is the first video feature released that puts those changes into perspective and gives them some game context, albeit some of which doesn’t appear to directly follow the play used to set up the demonstration.

The Madden NFL 15 video discusses improvements made to player head tracking, zone coverage, man coverage, disguised coverages and more. With most of the core gameplay improvements now covered (pass accuracy changes have still not been seen on video), MUT and CFM info is probably where most fans will be hoping EA takes their focus to next.

Madden NFL 15 ‘Player Sense 2.0’ Details

• Defenses make better decisions on whether to go for an interception, or a swat.
• A player’s swat/interception decision will emerge from player traits.
• Zone coverage ratings now have a bigger impact on how quickly defenders attack throws.
• Man coverage ratings will also dictate how quickly passes are jumped.
• MCV also dictates how much separation a receiver gets, when they do get separation.
• Flat responsibility has been improved (again) for zone defenders.
• Improvements to press and chuck interactions between WR/DB.
• Disguised defenses (show one defense, give another).
• Smarter coverage principles in Madden 15 (hopefully applies to safety behavior).
• Head tracking on all players.

Madden NFL 15 ‘Player Sense 2.0’ Video Feature

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    This is all fine and dandy however I would love for someone to explain why I have yet to see these improvements. My DBs never react like this describes.