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Madden NFL 15 Presentation Live Stream Recap

Madden 15 devs jumped on Twitch to discuss presentation changes this season.
Madden 15 devs jumped on Twitch to discuss presentation changes this season.

Madden NFL 15 creative director Mike Young and other game devs jumped on Twitch this afternoon in an unexpected live stream to discuss presentation changes this season, and for a few hours they discussed everything from player scans, to stadiums, celebrations and more.

We first caught EA dipping into the live stream world to talk to fans a little over a week ago, when gameplay director Rex Dickson joined up with Ryan “RG” Glick to talk about some of the core changes to how Madden NFL 15 will play this year.

Much of the attention the past few days has been focused on Madden NFL 15 ratings, as well as new MUT details and early leaks of some Franchise mode features, but it’s nice to see the devs sit down and talk to fans about the changes on the presentation side in a live format. I hope EA continues to do these sort of live overview shows in the future, because they’ve proven to be very informative and seems to be the best way fans can get nuanced questions answered.

With today’s focus on presentation, Young and company came into the live stream with some set topics they wanted to touch on, but they also fielded questions throughout the afternoon on Twitter, and even jumped into a game specifically at the request of fans to show off more of the Jacksonville Jaguars new video boards, as well as the Philadelphia Eagles team.

EA has put a lot of focus into the presentation side of Madden NFL 15 this season, and it certainly shows. I’ve never been particularly big on the presentation side of Madden, however even I found myself interested and impressed by what it appears they’ve managed to accomplish this season. While a longer development cycle on new-gen systems currently helps, it’s more a matter of approach to game broadcasts than anything.

The stream concluded with another look at the game’s new halftime show (more of a halftime report), which has been a topic of interest for many players heading into the new game cycle. Personally, I found myself much more interested in the nuanced details of this year’s presentation rather than any sort of mid-game story/stats update.

Madden NFL 15 Presentation Live Stream Recap

I’ve taken the time to bullet up some, but of course not all of the things that jumped out to me during the game developer live stream. Some of this info you might already know if you frequent our site a lot since we’ve covered it in the past, but other details are relatively knew, or obscure and are probably worth a look if you’re a big presentation guy. If you catch anything else I didn’t mention, throw it in the comments below and I’ll add it.

• All coaches have a unique body and head for better likeness
• Post-play actions are now filmed and replayed, rather than loaded up
• Players react positively/negatively to situations more realistically
• All the new uniforms (such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) are making it in
• Helmet/uniform degradation is more detailed this year (helmet scratches visible)
• Streamlined head scanning process has made it much easier for them to get player likeness in
• Game-specific stories will be told in the game (more specific, less generic)
• The halftime report is sponsored by Verizon, for whatever that’s worth to you
• New booth review shows replay and ref under the hood at the same time
• Team-specific down and distance markers are in the game overlayed on the field
• Camera views can be changed on the fly before a play
• Camera views are locked in for local one-screen multiplayer (to prevent griefing)
• Fields are more accurate to what you expect to see in each stadium
• Coaches will wear warm and cold weather clothing depending on climate
• Stadium fans will now wear a variety of player jerseys
• Sidelines look vastly more realistic than previous gen
• New celebrations for TDs have been added (you’ll have to find them on your own)
• “Realistic” delays will help stop celebrations from happening all together
• Jacksonville Jaguars new big video boards have made it into the game this season
• Jags new pools/cabanas don’t appear to be in yet, but I can’t be sure
• Kicking/punting mechanics and visuals have received an overhaul
• Visual help indicators (including those on kicks) can be turned off
• It appears daylight will change dynamically throughout the game at some times
• Heinz Field ketchup bottles will pour just like in real life (per @jpdavis1982)
• More details I’ll comb over as I re-watch the stream and update here

Madden NFL 15 Presentation Live Stream Video

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