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Madden NFL 15 Best TE Ratings: Jimmy Graham Leads All

Jimmy Graham is the unquestioned king of tight ends in Madden NFL.
Jimmy Graham is the unquestioned king of tight ends in Madden NFL.

Madden NFL 15 ratings continue to release this week, with today marking the unveiling of both the best TE and WR ratings, and it’s no surprise which not-a-tight-end-oh-wait-yes-you-are is leading the pack: New Orleans Saints’ Jimmy Graham.

The ratings reveal is expected to arrive later today on Madden NFL’s official blog.

In honor of Madden 15, EA SPORTS is releasing new ratings every day for two weeks straight according to the ratings release schedule, and while we’ve already seen some top rookies, quarterbacks and running backs, this is our first glimpse into the ratings of this year’s tight position. While most of the names in the top five at TE won’t surprise you, a few omissions might.

Madden NFL 15 TE Ratings: Jimmy Graham is Still The King

Jimmy Graham (97 overall) has proven to be a monster of a TE since he broke out for the Saints in his sophomore season for 1,300 yards and 11 TDs back in 2011. Since then, Graham has been a perennial pro bowler racking up one dominant season after another, with this past year marking arguably his best yet with 1,215 yards and 16 TDs.

Equally no surprise in the top five Madden NFL 15 ratings for TE is New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski (96 overall) sitting at #2. Despite yet another woeful injury season for Gronkowski, his talent remains undeniable and his importance to the Patriots offense cannot be overstated. Despite only playing in 18 games over the past two seasons, Gronk still boasts an impressive rating this year, with plenty of room to recapture his previous 99 overall mark.

The final three spots in the Madden NFL 15 ratings for the best tight ends belong to long-time veterans Vernon Davis (94), Jason Witten (93) and somewhat surprisingly Greg Olsen (88). Despite excellent campaigns by the Denver Broncos’ Julius Thomas and Cleveland Brown’s Jordan Cameron, neither were able to crack the top five just yet.

Madden NFL 15 Ratings: The TE Top 5

Jimmy Graham (97 Overall)
Madden 15 Jimmy Graham ratings
ROUTE RUNNING: 1st / CATCH: 92 (2nd) / SPD: 85 / AGI: 87 / ACC: 88

Rob Gronkowski (96 Overall)
Madden 15 Rob Gronkowski ratings
STR: 88 (1st) / TRUCKING: 88 (1st) / ROUTE RUNNING: 4th / CATCH IN TRAFFIC: 96 / INJURY 73

Vernon Davis (94 Overall)
Madden 15 Vernon Davis ratings
SPD: 90 / RUN BLOCKING: Top 10

Jason Witten (93 Overall)
Madden 15 Jason Witten ratings

Greg Olsen (88 Overall)
Madden 15 Greg Olsen ratings
SPD: 86 / CATCH: 85

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