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Madden NFL 15 Ratings Info Just “Weeks Away”

It won't be hard to predict  the ratings for studs like Adrian Peterson.
It won't be hard to predict the ratings for studs like Adrian Peterson.

We’ve been waiting around anxiously just as much as you have for the first Madden NFL 15 ratings info to drop, and now thanks to word from ratings czar Donny Moore, we know that we’re just a few weeks away from the first of those details.

When EA released a sneak-peek at their view of the best new defensive duos in Madden 15 just a few days ago, we knew that more details surrounding the game weren’t too far behind. However, midst all the talk and debate about which new tandem was the best on defense, we missed an important bit of info from Moore: The first official regarding Madden 15 ratings may be just weeks down the line.

It’s unclear just yet how the Madden 15 player ratings will be revealed, as EA has quite a diverse history in how they have released such info. Just like the cover — and perhaps more so — the ratings reveal in Madden is an annual event, and frankly the part that gets fans most excited for the new season. In some years, EA has released the ratings one division at a time over the course of several weeks on partner sites like ESPN, while other times they’ve opted to just split the release into offense and defense and release them en masse on spreadsheets.

While ratings czar Donny Moore did say the first info could be just a few weeks away, that does not necessarily mean player ratings. Team ratings are also a part of the equation, and then there is also the opportunity for EA to unveil the top players at each position first, as they have also done in the past. In the very least, however, we can expect to better understand their method of pushing out the Madden 15 player ratings in just a short time.

Madden 15 Player Ratings We (Sort of) Know

• Dri Archer will be among Madden 15’s fastest
• Richard Sherman is the highest rated player
• Darrelle Revis is tied for the highest man coverage rating
• Jairus Byrd possess the best zone coverage of any position
• Von Miller has the best finesse moves and pursuit ratings at OLB

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  • Brandon Ragland

    To excited about this year’s game, multiple teams will be threats in the right hands. It wont come down to just two teams this year! Go pats nation!

    • GoMadden

      Yeah, lots of interesting teams this year. I’m also really interested to see how much of an impact the new pass accuracy system works. Supposed to make bad QBs feel more inaccurate than before, and good QBs feel more accurate, etc. Might create a lot more realistic play styles with different teams.

      • Brandon Ragland

        I havn’t heard anything about a new passing system, but It was infuriating having someone use a 60 ovl QB and throw dots like manning and brady. I’m really hoping that they fixed zone cov tho, I’m thinking man coverage is going to be op being sherman is on the cover. Man cov FTW!

  • Steel226

    Can’t wait to see those Steelers rookie ratings!

  • Scannezzy

    finally something!


    can’t wait to see how they did my boy Brandin Cooks!!

  • HuffDuff1988

    I hope they do all the rookies first.

  • Steelersicon43

    @steel226:disqus czar will screw them up….dude don’t have a clue.