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Madden NFL 15 Top Rookie Ratings Revealed

Today is the day we see Madden NFL 15's top rookie ratings.
Today is the day we see Madden NFL 15's top rookie ratings.

Madden NFL 15 rookie ratings have arrived for top prospects, and for fans of first-round studs like Jadeveon Clowney and Khalil Mack that’s great news. We’ve already seen the reactions of some top rookies to their new Madden 15 ratings, and now those awaiting EA’s next football video game can react themselves.

At no real surprise, the 2014 NFL Draft’s #1 overall pick has the highest of Madden 15 rookie ratings, as Jadeveon Clowney pulled in an impressive 83 overall without even stepping foot in an NFL game yet. He is one of the highest rated rookies to join the Madden ranks since Andrew Luck secured a prodigious 85 overall back in 2012 when he too was selected first overall by an AFC South team. What might be surprising, however, is that Auburn OT Greg Robinson shares such honors with Clowney, as he also sits at 83 overall.

The top Madden NFL 15 rookie ratings were revealed alongside a new interview with ratings czar Donny Moore, where he went into specifics regarding the roles and situations that some of this year’s top prospects will be walking into. Perhaps the most interesting quote from Moore came in regards to Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles, who had some analysts chastising the Jaguars on draft day, but has Moore describing him as a “Mini Andrew Luck” in his own evaluation thanks to his 92 throw power, and overall well-roundedness.

Check out the top Madden NFL 15 rookie ratings below, courtesy of a new video released by EA SPORTS. Not only does the video include some of the key ratings for each of the top rookies, but they also provide the first real look at many of the players in game. Stay tuned right here on as we certainly have more to discuss and break down about EA SPORTS’ latest Madden 15 rookie ratings, or follow us on Twitter @GoMadden to talk about what we’ve seen so far.

Madden NFL 15 Top 10 Rookie Ratings

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  • Steel226

    Wow very disappointing.Top ten rookies?I was expecting something a little more significant with all the hype put into this Monday.

    • GoMadden

      Yeah, woulda been nice, but at least they released the schedule for when everything will be revealed. I was hoping for the complete rookie ratings as well though on Monday.

      • Steel226

        I just found out right now.Hey I’ll take it.Atleast now we can follow the info a little more closely.