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Madden NFL 15 Roster Update For Launch

Johnny Manziel had some slight ratings tweaks, among plenty of others.
Johnny Manziel had some slight ratings tweaks, among plenty of others.

Madden NFL 15 has just received its first roster update of the season, just days ahead of the game’s release this Tuesday on August 26th, and it’s a pretty hefty amount of changes with over 1,200 player updates.

A large number of fans have been playing up to six hours of the upcoming football game prior to its release, thanks to the new EA Access subscription program which promises not only trial access to full games before their launch, but also a feature called the “Vault” which includes complete titles from recent years and will be updated periodically with more.

The latest Madden 15 roster update includes both some very minor, and some very major movers and shakers in the game. Most notably Kansas City Chiefs DT Dominique Hamilton has jumped up 16 points to 67 overall, while starters like DT Ahtyba Rubin increased a full four points to hit the 86 overall mark.

While there are plenty of changes to wade through, one of the more interesting adjustments in my mind was to Seattle Seahawks RB Christine Michael, who we noted had some agility issues in the game. Not only did ratings czar Donny Moore fix that, but he gave him quite a substantial upgrade to his skillset: 93 SPD (+1), 93 ACC (+2), 92 AGI (+10) and 92 JKM (+10).

Check out the full roster update for launch day below. We’ve gone ahead and split up the ratings changes by teams and ordered them by division to make things a bit easier to see. We’ll probably make some changes for the next update to condense information to a better format, but we have at least something for now. If you want the raw spreadsheet, which also includes depth chart changes related to these players, head on over to the official page.

For full Madden NFL 15 player ratings (that may be slightly outdated based on changes below), check out our ratings page.

Madden NFL 15 Roster Update: Launch Day

AFC North

AFC South

AFC East

AFC West

And now for the NFC…

NFC North

NFC South

NFC East

NFC West

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  • GoMadden

    Have a couple of interesting things I want to try and do for the next update: Top movers and shakers list, highlighting a few key changes, and I really want to do a “rookie watch” where we pull any rookie progression and put them in another section perhaps.

    Couldn’t really get it done now but hopefully for next time we’ll have a system worked out.

    • Justus Walker

      Will they have another roster update at launch, after this one? Because Kenny Vaccaro needs to be higher than that.

  • Jeff

    It’s really bizarre that they downgraded Teddy Bridgewater.

  • Brandon Ragland

    I understand amendola sucks, but damn! Not really happy about this at all. I’m a happy camper about dobson though. The kid deserves to be rated higher in a lot of area’s though.

  • DemCarlito_ElJefe

    Brian Tyms 61? Lmao what

  • SteelHeat226

    Huge mistake on EA’s behalf.They have fb Will Johnson’s profile pic as some random white guy.The guy’s supposed to be black!Wtf?Also they never added the new video board the Steelers added this year but they got theJaguars?Could you let them know atleast about the fb? :(

    • SteelHeat226

      You there GoMadden?

      • GoMadden

        Hey! Yeah, sorry, I’m here. Just working out a lot of stuff with the server so been a bit MIA while I handle that.

        I was intending on doing an article of bugs and mistakes soon. I’ll add that to the list.

        • SteelHeat226

          Thanks man I really appreciate that.