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Madden NFL 15 Tackling Video Breaks Down Controls

Tackling has been a point of focus in game development this year.
Tackling has been a point of focus in game development this year.

There’s a new video that was just released online in Madden NFL 15’s gameplay preview series, and while previous ones dealt with The Gauntlet and enhanced d-line controls, the latest is an overview of the new tackling mechanics found in the upcoming football video game.

Madden 15 is experiencing a complete overhaul on the defensive side of the ball, after Madden 25 ushered in a new era of offensive prowess just last year. While some of the focus on defense has been focused on improving coverage intelligence, much more emphasis appears to have been put on giving players more control in their hands.

The new Madden NFL 15 tackling mechanic was briefly detailed in a blog from EA early last month, however this is our first look at a dedicated video going over precisely how the controls work, and when you want to use them. Today’s video release is part of a larger gameplay series by EA SPORTS, and it’s likely more are still to come in the coming days and weeks with MUT and CFM info not yet revealed.

Madden NFL 15 Tackling Controls

• Tackle Cone is default “ON” in: Rookie, Pro, All-Pro. Can be turned off.
• Hold Left Trigger + X (PS4) for a precision breakdown tackle. The most reliable tackle.
• Press square (PS4) for aggressive tackle (big hit at close range / dive further out).
• Press X (PS4) for conservative tackle (best for agile backs in space / open-field situations).
• You can still use the right stick to hit stick organically.

Who are the best tacklers in Madden? We’ll know the answer to that for sure very soon, as Madden 15 ratings info is supposedly right around the corner. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more. In the meantime, check out the new gameplay series video released today by EA for Madden NFL 15, demonstrating the new tackling mechanics.

Madden NFL 15 Tackling Mechanics Video

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  • Steel226

    I just hope they don’t make everything on defense like they did for the running game.I hate always having to push the back trigger buttons all the time for precision running moves.Wish they just left it as it was.Analog jukes.Triangle hurdles. Circle spins etc.
    Anyway,still very excited for this game.Had my copy reserved for months now.I wonder when they’re going to announce the team and players ratings along with CFM.

  • camtheman1

    i was hoping the cone size had something to do with ratings