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Madden NFL 15 Top QBs: Russell Wilson Tied With Tom Brady

The best QBs in Madden 15 better watch out, Russell Wilson is coming.
The best QBs in Madden 15 better watch out, Russell Wilson is coming.

Madden NFL 15 continued its rating release schedule today by unveiling the top five quarterbacks in this year’s game, and while some players landed just where you might expect, others are shaking up the Madden world. In particular, Russell Wilson is tied with future hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady.

Fresh off a Super Bowl victory, there’s a lot to love about Seattle Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson: He’s smart, he’s mobile, he throws the deep ball as well as the best in the league and perhaps most importantly, he’s the NFL’s fresh blood at the position.

But, is now really the time to put him head-to-head with New England Patriots QB Tom Brady?

Madden NFL 15 Pulls Some QB Rating Surprises

Madden NFL 15 ratings czar Donny Moore certainly noticed the relatively down year by Tom Brady this past season (no doubt due in part to one of the most jostled up receiving corps in the league), but even in a “down” year Brady still passed for 4,300 yards and 25 TDs to only 11 interceptions. While Russell Wilson’s Seahawks threw among the fewest times in the league, the Patriots and Tom Brady tossed the ball around among the most, which makes Wilson’s neck-and-neck tie with Brady a bit of a peculiar one that might be arriving a few seasons too soon.

Who else finished in the top five Madden NFL 15 QB ratings? Well, after a historic regular season by Peyton Manning, the Broncos QB sits tied with Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers at 98 overall. Drew Brees predictably pulls in third at 96 overall before Wilson and Brady finish out the top five.

Check out the top Madden NFL 15 QB ratings released by EA SPORTS below, and let us know what you think: Should Russell Wilson really be tied with Tom Brady? For more ratings, check out the Madden 15 ratings release schedule. We’ve already seen the top rookies, and tomorrow the best running backs are set to be unveiled.

Should Russell Wilson be tied with Tom Brady in Madden NFL 15?

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Madden NFL 15 Top Five QB Ratings

Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos
Madden 15 Ratings Peyton Manning
Awareness: 99 / Short Accuracy: 99 / Medium Accuracy: 96 / Deep Accuracy: 88 / Play Action: 98

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers
Madden 15 Ratings Aaron Rodgers
Speed: 80 / Throw Power: 94 / Short Accuracy: 92 / Medium Accuracy: 88 / Deep Accuracy: 90

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
Madden 15 Ratings Drew Brees
Short Accuracy: 2nd/ Medium Accuracy: 2nd / Deep Accuracy: 81

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks
Madden 15 Ratings Russell Wilson
Speed: 86 / Agility: 90 / Acceleration: 92 / Throw Power: 93 / Deep Accuracy: 89 / Throw on Run: 5th

Tom Brady, New England Patriots
Madden 15 Ratings Tom Brady
Awareness: 99 / Short Accuracy: 94 / Medium Accuracy: 94 / Throw Power: 93

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  • Steel226

    I don’t like Tom Brady but come on.Wilson isn’t anywhere close to Brady.He shouldn’t be ahead of Roethlisberger,Rivers and maybe even Luck either.I also personally believe he’ll be exposed this upcomibg season too along with Kaepernick.

    • Joel Schoenberg

      You got that slightly wrong. Kaepernick was exposed LAST year. 20th in yards, 24th in QBR. He just isn’t as good as people thought.

      • Joel Schoenberg

        Oops, should have used ‘qualified’ stats on the QBR. 10th Place in qualified QBR. Still pretty poor for someone so lauded.

  • bava84

    I’ll say one thing: Madden’s Wilson is the only 1 on this short list who’s a doppelganger for the real deal — Brady coming in a close second…I think Madden NFL 15 went overboard accentuating Peyton’s coarse facial features.

  • coltsfanbrasil

    this crazy… no one take wilson over brady for 1 year or 1 game.

    • Justin Parris

      Except these numbers are just an average of all of their stats, not a direct line of who is better int he position. Some of the stats don’t matter much for a quarterback.

  • patriotsk1d

    Come on man.. there are college teams that had better receivers than the Pats had last year. They easily led the NFL in drops and all the injuries they couldn’t develop chemistry. A writer on watched every throw Brady made and said he would have put up same #s or better than Peyton if he was in Denver.

  • charles sims jr

    Brady is the definition of turning nothing into something half of the offensive starters was out but still made the Afc game. The only Qb that has more super bowl rings on the list is #5?????? Come on man Brady should be passed Rodgers to his one lonely ring I mean Rodgers missed half the season and made #2? Complete crap and Wilson is too far up. I will be changing that on 8/26/14. Go Pats!!!