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Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team Card Design Preview

With a sneak peek at card designs out, MUT info should be around the corner.
With a sneak peek at card designs out, MUT info should be around the corner.

Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team is still light on details, but that could be changing real soon as a sneak peek at some of the MUT card designs this year were released on Twitter, thanks to MUTHead. This is the first time we’ve seen or heard anything related to MUT this offseason, but we expect more info is just around the corner.

The screenshot preview of the new Madden 15 MUT card designs was sent out yesterday evening, and features current Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, along with all-time Pittsburgh Steelers great Rod Woodson.

The look and feel of the initial card designs revealed has drawn some early criticism on Twitter for its “plainness,” however there’s a bit of nostalgia in there for me in that it much closer resembles those classic physical card designs in the past (you know, when people actually collected cards).

Will MUT 15 Take on Fan Creations?

One possible reason for the somewhat bland MUT card designs might be to help better distinguish generic stock cards from elite, special cards that are sure to be a part of this year’s collections. We also don’t know what EA is doing yet with MUT in general, so it’s always possible that fan designs might make their way into the game in much the same way fan-made custom uniforms and logos were requested earlier this year. A fan initiative such as this to design MUT cards would surely be a hit in the MUT community, as many fans already do so just for kicks, and the opportunity to see the best of the best featured in the game would definitely be a lot of fun.

Madden 15 MUT is clearly of great interest to EA, who has seen the card collecting game become more and more popular over the years, to the point where a sub community has emerged that is just as passionate and vocal as any other in the game. EA SPORTS has even gone as far as to release a special Ultimate Edition of this year’s upcoming football video game, which will pack in a purported $40 worth of MUT content (30 pro packs, 1 draft class pack) for just $10 more on retail price. Those MUT pro packs will be delivered to fans at a rate of three per week over the course of ten weeks.

Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team: Card Design Preview

Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team Card Design Preview

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