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Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team Features Revealed

The first MUT 15 details have arrived, with screens to boot.
The first MUT 15 details have arrived, with screens to boot.

Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team finally has finally seen its first new feature details released, and while it’s probably not all-encompassing to every little detail, it is the first major insight we have into one of the most popular modes Madden has seen in recent years, and most certainly the most popular in store for Madden 15.

The new Madden 15 MUT details were outlined today on, which is the leading source for all things Madden Ultimate Team. Not only does the first MUT reveal include plenty of new screenshots of the new interface and card designs, it also goes over some key philosophical changes to some of the features surrounding the game, such as injury cards and chemistry.

The fact that MUT details have been released prior to Connected Franchise has some in the industry worried that this could spell bad news for the feature set in Franchise this year, however others think EA could just be saving the best for last. With how much EA’s marketing schedule has changed this season, it’s pretty unpredictable as to what exactly MUT’s info release prior to CFM means. At this point, the best we can do is wait to find out.

Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team: First Details

Here we’ve put together a quick-and-easy bullet list of the features and changes revealed so far for Madden NFL 15 MUT. It’s unlikely these are all of the changes being made, however the overview released was explicitly described as featuring the “major” points this year, which means you probably shouldn’t expect anything ground-breaking beyond what’s listed here, like the introduction of seasons were last year.

• Item Binders
Madden 15 MUT will now feature “Item Binders,” which will help consolidate all the different areas of card collection into one easy-to-access and all-encompassing area. Rather than putting your active roster, reserves and pending collection into different locations, all of your items will be found in one location which purportedly includes easy ways to filter and search for what you’re looking for.

• Collections are Now “Sets”
Card collections are changing to become more in line with traditional card terminology, as they will now be described as “sets” going forward. Along with this terminology change is a big quality of life change which allows you to send cards to your sets from anywhere, which should significantly cut down on the laborious task of adding to your collections. A new full blog post by EA digs deeper into what is changing with sets this year.

• Tiers and Programs Are Separate
I can’t say I’m much of an MUT player at the moment, so I don’t quite understand this change, so I’ll go ahead and quote directly from MUTHead on this one. Further clarification from you guys in the comments would be great, if you could help me out. Per MUTHead: “Instead of creating new tiers when new programs are released (fantasy, ghost, BCA, etc), there will only be four tiers for the entire season: bronze, silver, gold, and elite. Tiers are represented by the color, and number of stripes on the bottom of a given card. You can find the information on the card’s associated program in the top left corner such as the legends icon on Rod Woodson’s elite card above.”

• Chemistry is Now “Style”
Don’t worry, card Chemistry isn’t changing much, however its name is. EA will now be calling it “Style,” with all eight previous styles returning: short pass, long pass, speed run, ground and pound, run stuff, pass rush, man defense, and zone defense.

• Visual Depth Chart Changes
The visual depth chart for your MUT roster is getting an overhaul, with the change following EA’s clear goal this season of consolidating information and streamlining the menu system (quality of life changes). The new visual depth chart will merge the spreadsheet-style depth chart and visual lineup together in one place, designated your “lineup manager.” From here, you’ll be able to set all your starters and key backups, along with giving you quick-button options to automate the best overall rating team, or best within a given style.

• Injury Cards Are No More
Gone are the days of injury cards with the introduction of Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team. From this upcoming season forward, injuries will last no longer than one game (no longer than your current game). This removes a lot of the tedious micro-managing of injury cards, which was certainly no fun for anyone and probably felt more like a necessary bloated chore rather than a real feature within the game. With this change, EA has once again further streamlined MUT to make it easier for new players, and less tedious for hardcore fans of the mode.

• Contract Management Overhaul
I think MUTHead said this best once again, so I’ll leave you with their description: “Contracts no longer exist as individual items. You will have a total number of contracts available, and that number increases when you open packs or purchase contracts directly from the store. You can spend these contracts on adding games to individual players, or by raising your entire starting lineup to a given number of contracts. The hassle associated with ensuring your team has enough contracts to play is over.”

Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team Hype Video

There’s not much to see in the first MUT hype video released, but hey, any video is better than no video I suppose. Check it out!

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