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Madden Wants To Take NFL’s Concussion Issue Head Up

Madden developers hope to one day educate about concussion safety.
Madden developers hope to one day educate about concussion safety.

There’s a lot to be said about concussions in the NFL, but perhaps the most profound analysis comes with the realization that until kids are taught how to tackle correctly from the beginning, it will be difficult to change bad habits in the NFL.

If there’s anything capable of penetrating the minds of young up and coming football talents, it’s undoubtedly the Madden franchise, which in its 25 years has grown step-by-step with some of the NFL’s premier talent in the league today. Madden 25 Creative Director Rex Dickson hasn’t lost sight of that fact, and in a recent interview made it known that they hope to eventually harness the influence of Madden to make for a safer future.

Madden NFL 25 will be introducing a new feature this year called “Skills Trainer,” which will combine the concept of tutorials and mini-games to help make it easier for casual and first-time players to understand the deeper mechanics within the franchise. More than just a useful training mode, Dickson believes they’ve laid out the foundation to address a leading cause of concussions in the future.

Rex Dickson: “We’re definitely going to build on it… We really want to do a heads up tackling scenario in skills trainer, where we want to talk about concussion safety. That’s something we’re very passionate about, and the skills trainer sort of gives us that mode where we can do that stuff now.”

Whether safer tackling education makes it into Madden 25 or a future edition of the game, it’s clear from Dickson’s words that the topic is very much on their minds, and the new “Skills Trainer” mode could one day have an impact that extends much greater than saving you from digital frustration, it may actually be a new avenue to help save lives.

Madden 25 will hit store shelves on August 27th for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and will feature a variety of improvements to Connected Franchise, including the reinvention of Owner Mode. The game is also expected to be available sometime later this year on next-gen consoles, like Xbox One and PS4.

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