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Microsoft Counts Down to E3, New Xbox?

Is Microsoft finally ready to show off its new console?
Is Microsoft finally ready to show off its new console?

Madden players have been stuck on the current generation of consoles for longer than any ever before, but that could be changing with an expected announcement by Microsoft looming at E3 2013: Could we finally be seeing the new Xbox?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is an annual video game conference that is often used by hardware and software developers to showcase what’s right around the corner. For sports gaming fans, the event just got a little bit more interesting after Microsoft posted a countdown over on MajorNelson. Is the countdown to anything specific? Many publications are speculating it’s the unveiling of the new Xbox console.

For sports gamers, and Madden fans in particular, a new console could signal a fresh start for a gaming genre that is always at its best when the boundaries of realism are pushed to the edge. It’s been a long time since we’ve played a sports game that really “Wow!’d” us graphically, so it would certainly be welcome news if Microsoft gave us a look at its own take on the next-generation of gaming platforms.

Microsoft’s E3 (New Xbox?) Countdown

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