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NCAA Football 14’s Wild New ‘Coordinator’ View

I guess that settles that debate. He does.
I guess that settles that debate. He does.

We don’t really cover too much of NCAA Football over here, partly because I know as much about college football as a slug knows how to run a salt maze in the middle of a beer pong table. With that said, the recent reveal of NCAA Football 14’s new coordinator view camera has me pondering what it could mean for Madden NFL.

NCAA Football 14 will feature three new camera modes this season, including Zoomed, Wide, and the wildly-effective looking “Coordinator” camera. With the coordinator cam, the view is backed up so far that it almost seems as if you’re looking at an electric football game, which you have to think is going to be an essential view for any savvy offensive player.

The new view was initially revealed over on the NCAA Football blog, and it does mention that the incredible distance that you see from will zoom in closer once the play begins to follow along with the action. Even still, it looks like a pretty radical view that will likely draw the philosophical ire or admiration from the game’s legion of collegiate fans.

What I’m interested in, however, is whether or not you would like to see something like this in Madden 25, or any other future Madden games for that matter. I know for a fact that there are some players that regard themselves as sim purists, and they already describe Madden’s wide camera as a “god view.” If they think Madden’s camera now is a god view, I can’t imagine what they have to say about NCAA’s new coordinator eye.

The ability to see more of the field at a higher angle can certainly have a big impact on a game like Madden NFL, particularly as you’ll have a better idea of the spacing of defenders and how to appropriately counter-act any defense. There’s a reason why many coordinators like to sit up high, and those very advantages would play themselves out to players that utilize the view. While there is certainly something real about the idea of being able to analyze a play from the sky, just as NFL coordinators would, you have to wonder if such extreme vision could push an already offensive game into a whole new territory, even if it’s just a pre-snap look that gets closer quickly.

The fact that the view is predominantly useful before the snap could also mean the advantages gained by an offense might be a bit of a wash, as defenses already have much more expansive options to make adjustments prior to a play, and the coordinator view could just imbue them with a better sense of coverage liabilities that need to be shored up. OperationSports’ Steve Noah “loved it” when he played a few weeks back.

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  • Rudy

    Love this view. Would love it as a side scrolling option too although that may be tougher.