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New PS4 Will Let Your Friends Watch You Lose in Madden

Now everyone can watch us cry live.
Now everyone can watch us cry live.

Sony’s new Playstation 4 was just announced for the 2013 Holiday season, and with it comes word of a new feature that will finally let other players watch you while you lose in Madden win at video games.

Broadcasting games appears to be a simple matter of using the “share” button embedded into the new DualShock 4 controller, and it seems to go a lot further than simply who is on your friends list. Sony has partnered up with both Facebook and UStream to allow you to send your broadcasts out to a much wider audience than what you are confined to on a console.

UStream isn’t exactly, but hey, we’ll take it. We just hope the stream services you can work with aren’t so limited.

This sort of live broadcasting functionality has been sorely needed in games for a long time, ever since it was first pioneered locally by Half-Life TV (HLTV) years and years ago on the PC. I learned then that gamers like to watch others play, but console systems have always had a barrier to entry when it comes to broadcasting game content and it has stifled the casual spectator side of gaming for a while.

Sony’s PS3 never quite had the online success that its Xbox 360 competitor had, and it looks like the PS4 is hoping to hit back hard on the online side of things by integrating social features right into its hardware. You will even be able to share screenshots taken directly from the console this time around, which means no more fuzzy cellphone pictures. Yay.

One particularly surprising feature mentioned during the latest PS4 announcement, was the proclaimed ability for others to even “take over the controller” of the friend they are watching play, if they want you to. I’m a bit curious how they expect to do that, but if executed properly it could serve to be a great tool for teaching in games like Madden, where it’s always been a sink-or-swim environment for new players.

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  • fsda

    So will Madden be coming out for the PS4 this year? Or will be have to wait another year?

    • GoMadden

      We’ll have to wait and see what they decide to do. I expect they’ll probably have it though.