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Richard Sherman Defeats Cam Newton For Madden 15 Cover

Taking out Cam Newton is just part of the check list for a guy like Sherman.
Taking out Cam Newton is just part of the check list for a guy like Sherman.

It wasn’t exactly unexpected, but Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman defeated Cam Newton in the Madden NFL 15 cover vote finals late this evening, making him the first defensive player player to hold the honors solo since Ray Lewis did it back in Madden NFL 2005.

Since joining the league in 2010, Sherman has quickly risen to the top echelon of cornerbacks in the NFL, with many considering him the best in the business. At 6-foot-3 and with speed to spare, Sherman is an incredible physical specimen at the position, and helped anchor a Seahawks team that would go on to win the Super Bowl last season, dominating the Denver Broncos 43-8.

The cover was revealed during a special live event on ESPN just moments ago, as Sherman will join Seattle lore as only the second Seahawks player to take on the sometimes-dreaded-but-always-valuable Madden cover. The last Seahawk to grace the cover was Shaun Alexander back in Madden NFL 2007, who did so not long after an incredible 1,880 yard rushing season.

Madden 15 will be released on August 26th in the United States, and will be available on all the next-generation platforms, as well as Xbox 360 and PS3. The game is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

Still don’t believe us about who won the Madden 15 cover vote? Check out the video below!

Madden 15 Cover Vote Winner Richard Sherman

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