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Steelers’ Dri Archer Will Be Among Madden 15’s Fastest

Dri Archer will be among the fastest players in Madden 15.
Dri Archer will be among the fastest players in Madden 15.

You can’t teach speed, but if you are Madden 15 ratings czar Donny Moore, you can certainly assign it. According to Moore, Archer will be among the fastest players in the game this year, and if you are a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, that means you have a heck of a great tool to have at your disposal.

We already knew that Dri Archer was a fast guy after he clocked in at 4.26 in the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine this past February (just a hair shy of Chris Johnson’s record of 4.24), but it wasn’t until this past Wednesday that we learned he will be among Madden 15’s fastest. And unlike Marquise Goodwin, who clocked in at a similar speed of 4.27 at last year’s combine and was rewarded with a speed of 98 in Madden 25, Archer’s speed may prove to be much more valuable in the game.

The big difference between Dri Archer and Marquise Goodwin is that Goodwin is a receiver, whereas Archer will most likely make use of his incredible speed on third downs as a running back and a slot receiver. The ability to potentially play Archer at running back means his likely 98+ speed goes from incredibly useful, to down-right deadly. Players like Chris Johnson have been much-beloved in Madden over the years due almost entirely to his speed, and now Archer will be poised to join the 97-98+ speed club at the running back spot — a rare club indeed.

Archer’s speed alone at RB could soon prove to make him the biggest impact rookie of Madden 15, over much more highly-touted names like QB Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns, or WR Sammy Watkins of the Buffalo Bills. However, at only 5-foot-7 and floating in the 170-pound range, you might have to worry about him lasting more than a handful of plays. Even still, Archer has the tools to be a headache for everyone playing against the Steelers in Madden 15 this season.

Dri Archer Making The 40-Yard Dash Look Easy

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  • Act1oN JaCkSoNz

    He better have 99 speed! AP ran a 4.4 and Moore bumped his speed up to 97. Same thing with Charles. Both players speed have been increased based on their stature in the league. CJ2K should start regressing in speed. Archer however, with 4.26 speed at his age should be no less than a 98. If Moore rates him w 97 speed them EA needs to hire me as their new Madden ratings czar bc I would actually rate players based on facts and not play favorites.