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Video Game Design Changes for Madden 25

Because a quick list never hurt anyone. Unless it's a punching list.
Because a quick list never hurt anyone. Unless it's a punching list.

Putting together Madden 25 for the upcoming football season is far from an easy job, but EA Sports game developers are poised to have the game ready by its launch date on August 27th, and it includes quite a few changes.

With all the different announcements and info flying about over the last few months regarding game design changes for Madden 25, we decided to put together a list of all the important updates so far that matter to us in Madden.

Keep in mind that this is not a complete list, and there are still more Madden announcements to come, but it should serve as quick rundown of some of the more interesting feature changes and additions in this year’s game.

Madden 25 Video Game Design Changes

Sideline Reporter
Adam Schefter draft commentary
Enhanced Connected Franchise website
More stadium-specific sounds
More Connected Franchise commish tools
Formation Audibles (read more)
17 Team Move Locations (read more)
Skills Trainer (read more)
Draft Guide Deterrent (read more)
Player Position Editing (read more)
Owner Mode (read more)
Blocking Enhancements (read more)
New “Switch Assist” Feature (read more)
Infinity Engine 2 (read more)
Exclusive Next-Gen Features (read more)
New Hot Routes (read more)
Madden Share (we’ll know more soon)
All-25 Team (we’ll know more soon)

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