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Madden 15 Minute Tips: Convoy Screen

The Convoy Screen is great for getting those playmakers out in space.
The Convoy Screen is great for getting those playmakers out in space.

The number one most requested site feature I get on here is really not a feature at all, it’s just “more Madden tips.” Well, here you go. As part of a new series, I’ll be releasing “Madden Minute Tips,” which will provide short and concise advice in as close to 60 seconds as I can manage. Today? Say hello to the Convoy Screen.

The Convoy Screen is an interesting little concept that players have tried to use in some fashion for years in Madden, however I don’t think it has ever been better than it is right now. It works like this: We’re going to take a simple HB Slip screen, combine it with a drag route from our slot receiver, and turn the blocking that was intended for our running back into a convoy of linemen to escort our receiver down the field.

Check out the video below for the run-down on how to get this technique up and running. Hopefully I can do more of these Madden Minute Tips going forward, as they are much quicker for me to get done than some of my more traditional free tips content. Don’t worry, however, the deep stuff is still around the corner! I’m working on our first guide for this season as we speak.

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Madden 15 Minute Tips: Convoy Screen

Empower your TE with the same concept. If you are in a formation where the HB Slip Screen is being run on the opposite side of your TE, who is lined up tight, then you can use this same concept with the TE rather than the slot receiver. Just put your TE on a drag across the formation. The effectiveness of this might depend a bit on the speed of your linemen and TE, and it’s also important that your TE is capable of running modestly good routes, otherwise he will swing too wide on his initial cut, and to wait a slight bit longer for this to develop than with the slot receiver. Play around with different formations to see where your TE is compatible, and try first with a pass lead down on a bullet.

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    Let me know what you guys think of these Minute Tips. Should I continue with them, or take the time to do more in-depth stuff?

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    nigga this shit called a makeshift screen millions of ppl posted this

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      This just in… plays in Madden have existed in the past. A revelation!

      One-minute tips videos are not going to be about in-depth strategies. They’re going to be about quick tips for those that want them.

      If you know how a play works, then I imagine you don’t need to watch the video. I’m not sure what the point of this comment is.

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        Good one. I like the tips.

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          Thanks man! Another quick tip coming a bit later today.

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    This play is delicious! feed me! more

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    Thanks for the video. I’m new to Madden this year and also am finally learning the plays and positions. Tutorials like this are helping me more than even I expected. I bought M15 last Sunday and didn’t score a point against my friend but 5 or so days of practice and tutorials got me to the point that I won 20 – 18 two days ago against my same friend.