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Madden 15 Minute Tips: Cover 2 Killer

If you haven't been using this universal technique, then you should be!
If you haven't been using this universal technique, then you should be!

Madden 15 tips are at a premium right now as players are trying to find their groove against this year’s enhanced defense, which is why we thought it would be a good idea to show you one neat trick that can be applied universally against the much-used cover 2 defense.

Beating the Cover 2 can be tough at times when user defenders are wrecking havoc in the middle of the field, which is why in our latest Madden 15 Minute Tip, we show you how to make some quick changes at the line of scrimmage to get over those nasty flats zones, and safely out of bounds down the field.

If you’re not familiar with our Madden Minute Tips, check out the video below for today’s technique. Quick and dirty and to the point, our Minute Tips are not the super in-depth strategies you’ve come to know from us, but rather brief but useful tricks you can use to tighten up your game. This particular tip is one of my favorites in all of Madden, and I’m guaranteed to use it at least a few times a game.

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Madden 15 Minute Tips: Cover 2 Killer

Catch and Run with authority with this dangerous, but situationally useful tip. Run this Cover 2 killer like normal, however instead of pass leading with a bullet to the sideline, pass lead inside instead. This can be very dangerous against a good safety, but with a good receiver and the right depth, you can turn this technique into a catch and run that will split the safeties, likely for six. Because of the INT risk, I wouldn’t do this unless the safety is not too great (see: Not the Seahawks’ safeties), or if you are in a time-pressed situation where the INT isn’t as important as the potential score. Play around with different pass leads to see what catch and run techniques you can discover.

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