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Madden 15 Minute Tips: Green Screen

You've been throwing those smoke screens all wrong.
You've been throwing those smoke screens all wrong.

It’s that time of the season where players are finally starting to get used to the changes made in the new Madden NFL 15 game, which means now is a great time to start learning the best technique with the most basic of hot routes: The smoke screen.

The smoke screen was added back in Madden 25, however this is the season that I think it will really shine, and I explain why in the second edition of our Madden 15 Minute Tips. In Minute Tips, we try to bring you the quick and dirty advice you want in as close to a minute as we can manage. While these aren’t the in-depth strategies you’ve come to know us for, they’re still quite useful, especially the Green Screen.

Don’t know what the Green Screen is or how to do it? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Check out the short video below showing you the proper way to throw smoke screens this year to maximize your yards after the catch, and really make use of those shifty playmakers on your team, like Cordarrelle Patterson (a personal favorite to use this with), or really anyone that has a little shake and bake to them.

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Madden 15 Minute Tips: Green Screen

Become a DPAD Warrior by turning off the camera control options in your settings, and using the down button on the dpad for a super-precise pass lead. The biggest problem people have with the Green Screen is the bullet pass lead down, which can be a bit difficult sometimes with the joystick. When using the dpad with camera controls off, the strategy pad is enabled but the down button on the DPAD is free for you to press and hold before the snap even begins, which will maximize the time you get the ball out and the precision in which you do so.

Defeat The Press with this technique, just make sure you are under center and pass the ball on your first step back from the line. This will take some practice, but when done correctly you can utilize the green screen against press man coverage to the same effect. Be warned, however, using this technique against an elite CB can be dangerous, as every once in a while this will get picked off. Use this sparingly against pressed man coverage, like in clutch situations in the redzone.

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