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Madden 15 Minute Tips: Mesh Masher

The "Mesh" concept is about to get a butt kicking from some big dudes.
The "Mesh" concept is about to get a butt kicking from some big dudes.

Madden 15 tips don’t always have to be so difficult. In our latest technique, we show you how you can stifle those pesky Mesh concepts that are running rampant online, by making one easy adjustment before the snap.

The Mesh concept is brutally effective at punishing players that like to play man coverage, but it’s also pretty darn good against most zones, too. However, there is hope! With a little bit of ingenuity we’ve discovered a fairly universal technique for defenses with four-down linemen that will slow down the effectiveness of the Mesh, if not shut it down entirely.

Check out our latest Madden 15 Minute tip in the video below, then remember to read just a bit further down to check out our exclusive website tip that takes the age-old question “How to stop Mesh?” to another level. Our focus in Madden Minute Tips is to be as useful and concise as possible in as close to a minute as we can manage, and I think this latest trick is a perfect fit for our growing list of mini-advice.

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Madden 15 Minute Tips: Mesh Mash

Enhance Your Zones against Mesh by putting all those underneath zones into bluff blitzes. The bluff blitz is new in Madden 15, and will cause defenders to fake blitz for a brief step or two before resuming their previous zones. This is very good against Mesh concepts because it causes zone defenders to close the distance on those crossing routes much quicker. In particular, I like using this technique when calling Cover 3 Buzz Press. Simply take the two flats zones that are on the field and hot route them to bluff blitz, and you’ll notice that they will do a much better job closing in on the flats to handle those crossing receivers than they were doing before. You can use this technique along with the Mesh Mash d-line crashing concept to double up on your coverage effectiveness.

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    I used this against the cpu 5x in a row, and got 2 picks out of it! That play is wicked! thanks again! cheers