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Madden 15 Minute Tips: Power Option


Madden 15 is all about thinking running first, passing second, which is why it’s incredibly important to make sure you are giving your runners the best opportunity to succeed. In our latest in Madden Tips, we’re going to show you a method to make those Wildcat runs all the more dangerous.

You may not realize it, but you can turn your Power runs from the Wildcat into dangerous option plays, simply by clicking a button. With this technique, you can maximize your efficiency when running the ball, and make it much more challenging for the defense to key in on you running lanes. It’s one of the more fun tips we’ve been using in recent days.

The Power Option is a part of a new series we’re doing here on GoMadden known as Madden 15 Minute Tips. We’re taking anything cool, interesting, or effective and breaking down how to do it in as close to a minute as we can, and leaving it to you to discover its usefulness inside your scheme. If you read on to the bonus tips after the video, you will also find that this technique applies well beyond just the Wildcat formation.

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Madden 15 Minute Tips: Power Option

Backdoor Receiver is another technique I like, and it works in very much the same way as the original tip. Pick *almost* any End Around play (I like the End Around from singleback bunch) and choose its running equivalent (where the End Around is essentially faked, and the RB takes the handoff). Once you take the handoff, take a step or two and decide if you want to pitch it back to the receiver. If done correctly, the ball will fly back to your receiver with potentially a lot of open space to be had. This is a very fun technique that can be used in a lot of different formations with varying effectiveness. In general, however, it’s a great way to get those shifty receivers out in more space.

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