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Why We Added This Madden 13 Tip

GoMadden Says… “This was put together by MaddenMastermind on YouTube, and it’s really clean and to the point. A lot of the advice in this video can be used from any playbook and nearly any formation, and you know how much we love our universally useful tips! Great job guys.”

What Would Do?

Hey, we’ve got some ideas too you know! It really wouldn’t be GoMadden if we didn’t have some tips advice of our own to throw in, and of course when it comes to beating man coverage in Madden, everyone could use some extra advice now and then. Check out the additional tips below that you can use along with the video you just watched to learn how to beat man coverage in Madden 13.

Don’t Forget The Ratings: There are a lot of different routes and tricks you can use in Madden to try and create separation from manned defenders, but nothing is quite as powerful as the route running rating of your Madden player. The route running rating essentially tells you how crisp your receiver gets in and out of the cuts of his routes, while the man coverage rating of a defender is to some degree its defensive equivalent. If your receiver has a fantastic route running rating and the defender manned against him doesn’t have an equally good man coverage rating, then provided the disparity is large enough, you can abuse this man assignment all day with almost any route that contains sharp cuts.

Even Deeper Streaks: The tips video above makes mention of passing to the outside of streaks from players lined up tight in the formation, and this is a very good tip that often holds true. With that said, you definitely can fit a pass over a middle line backer dropping into a zone down the middle, you just have to give it some time to develop. If you’re comfortable with the speed of, say, your tight end and the quality of your protection, it may not be a bad idea to give this pass a bit more time for a chance at an even bigger play down the field.

Secret Curl Route: Our secret curl route technique that we email users demolishes even the best man defenders, and can be used to consistently beat man coverage in Madden 13. It’s really one of my favorite man-beaters in the game because it’s so widely available within playbooks, and so devastating no matter how much space you have on the field.

Striker Mini-Scheme: Although it’s not exclusively based around beating man coverage, there’s a couple of really useful techniques inside of our very own Madden 13 Striker Mini-Scheme that can really put a hurting on opponents. It’s a six minute long video guide and breaks down some synergizing plays and concepts that help create a mini-machine on offense. It’s a perfect starting point to start building your offense around and really gives you the room to add in your own ideas.

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