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Madden 13 Tips: How To Beat Zone Coverage


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Why We Added This Madden 13 Tip

GoMadden Says… “I love this tip because it’s very concise and well put-together. The routes it shows you are mostly hot routes, which means you can use them on the fly from any formation and really learn how to beat zone coverage in Madden 13 with a bit of practice. Credit for this video tip goes to MaddenMastermind on YouTube. Good stuff guys!”

What Would Do?

Of course, this wouldn’t be GoMadden if we didn’t have our own ideas that you can add to supplement what you learned in this Madden tips video. Check out below for a list of the things we think you should also consider when trying to find your way through those nasty zone coverages that defenses like to run.

Screen Passes: Whether it’s a receiver, a tight end or a running back, a screen pass takes advantage of the inherent “passive” nature of zone coverage by using the space provided to get the ball in the hands of your playmakers. If you’re not careful, this can get you into trouble with WR screens against flat zone coverage, but other than that a screen is a good zone beater that doesn’t always work, but when it does, it works out big time.

Even Deeper Streaks: The tips video above makes mention of passing to the outside of streaks from players lined up tight in the formation, and this is a very good tip that often holds true. With that said, you definitely can fit a pass over a middle line backer dropping into a zone down the middle, you just have to give it some time to develop. If you’re comfortable with the speed of, say, your tight end and the quality of your protection, it may not be a bad idea to give this pass a bit more time for a chance at an even bigger play down the field.

Running Back Angles: The classic running back angle route can be found in a lot of different formations, and it’s great for beating both man and zone coverage in the right situations. It’s great against zone coverage because you can throw the pass before the first cut of the route for a quick option if the coverage dictates it, or you can hold on to the ball and wait for him to cut back toward the middle of the field and follow him to the open spots in the zone just as you would a slanting receiver.

Striker Mini-Scheme: Although it’s not exclusively based around beating zone coverage, there’s a couple of really useful techniques inside of our very own Madden 13 Striker Mini-Scheme that can really put a hurting on opponents. It’s a six minute long video guide and breaks down some synergizing plays and concepts that help create a mini-machine on offense. It’s a perfect starting point to start building your offense around and really gives you the room to add in your own ideas.

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