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Madden 13 Tips: How To Lab and Practice


Madden NFL 13 Tips


Why We Added This Madden 13 Tip

GoMadden Says… “It seems like all the good Madden tips we’ve found this season were put together by MaddenMastermind on YouTube, and this is no exception. Although it’s quite brief, it does get into some of the essential points of how to lab in Madden 13, and exactly what to think about when trying to assemble your scheme in practice mode. I’ve been wanting to do a deeper guide on how to lab for a while, but haven’t found the time. This is a great substitute in the meantime!”

What Would Do?

We can’t just give you a video and not give you some of our own special GoMadden advice! When it comes to learning how to lab and practice in Madden 13, there’s definitely some more important tips you can use alongside the video above to help you better prepare for gameday. We’ve got a few good ideas to add to your thinking process, so check them out below!

Find The Catch-22: Every single truly powerful offense in Madden 13 has a catch-22 somewhere inside of it that makes it difficulty for defenses to shut it down without some lucky guesswork. The way to go about finding a catch-22 is to first settle on a play you really like, think about where key routes on that play impact the field, and then try to come up with something from the same formation that attacks different spots entirely. This will put the defense on their heels in that even if they figure out how to stop one of your best plays, they still won’t know when to do it.

Try All-Pro Instead: While it makes sense when practicing that you might want to give yourself the greatest challenge and put the AI on “All-Madden,” I actually don’t think this is the correct way to go about it. If your primary focus is online play, then your difficult settings for practice should actually be “All-Pro” instead, because that is the default difficulty you will be playing on online. Now, if you want to be involved in the tournament scene and the primary setting at the event you want to attend puts the game on All-Madden, then sure, practice on that setting, but if you’re just trying to whoop some butt online, All-Pro will give you the best representation of what you will see in actual games.

Discover Secret Routes: Our secret curl route technique that we email out to fans when they punch in their info is the direct result of labbing. These are the type of powerful tricks in Madden NFL that you simply cannot find without properly testing the ins-and-outs of the different routes found inside of the game. Once you see the secret curl video, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Learn How To Build an Elite Offense: If you want to see what a finished product of proper labbing and practicing looks like, then check out our Madden 13 How To Make an Elite Offense: Power O-No! guide. It’s a 20 minute long video guide and breaks down some synergizing plays and concepts that help create a mini-machine on offense. It’s a perfect starting point to start building your offense around and really gives you the room to add in your own ideas.

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