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Madden 13 Tips: How To User Catch and User Pick


Madden NFL 13 Tips


Why We Added This Madden 13 Tip

GoMadden Says… “When we found this video by gameking on YouTube, I was expecting it to be a bit more involved, but it’s still pretty useful for teaching players the core concept of both how to user catch and how to user pick. Namely, it focuses on positioning. Kudos for the video!”

What Would Do?

This Madden 13 tips video left a few key things out, and it really wouldn’t be GoMadden if we didn’t make sure you knew about what else you could be doing. Check out the points below to learn some additional things you can do alongside this video to make User Catching and User Picking that much more effective.

Pass Lead Inside on Streaks The points in the video above about cutting off defenders when user catching is really important, but you can make that tip doubly effective when you pass lead to the inside on streaks. If there is space available for it, passing to the inside will give your pass a great angle that will make your cutting off of the route more reliable.

Bump The Tight End With Your DE: One of my favorite tricks in Madden is to bait my opponent into throwing an interception by making it appear as if a tight end has no coverage across from him when lined up tight on a play, when really the defender with his hand on the ground is in man coverage. Put your DE in man coverage, and hold down the right bumper (Xbox 360) before the play begins, and once the ball is hiked your defender will jam the receiver at the line of scrimmage at a time when your opponent will expect to come off the line free. Your bump won’t last too long, but if your defensive end is talented enough, you will be able to recover after the initial bump and intercept what will surely be a rushed pass by your opponent. It’ll take some practice, but it’s a fantastic way to mix up coverages and get a user pick.

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