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Madden 13: Striker Mini-Scheme (Promo)

Striker Mini-Scheme

Strike all over the field in Madden NFL 13 with our latest video offense.

A New Way To Improve

If you’ve ever played Madden 13, then you know that yards can be hard to come by. With improved zone coverage and smarter opponents, a crisp offense can be the difference between blowing someone out, or looking for a way to blow off steam after a game.

With GoMadden’s Mini-Schemes, players can plug-and-play winning strategies right into their offense. With full video guides teaching you what plays to call, what adjustments to make, why it all works and how to read the defense in the process, you will finally learn how to execute a deadly pocket offense in a matter of minutes.

The Mini-Scheme That Strikes Everywhere

Striker is not only our first Mini-Scheme for Madden 13, it’s one of our best.

Nearly 7 Minutes of video strategy breaking down the ins and outs of the Striker Mini-Scheme.

Five Synergizing Plays that together to make the foundation of a new offensive juggernaut.

Put The Defense To Rest with vicious catch-22 concepts that will terrorize your rival’s mind.

Knockout Your Opponent by setting up big plays with the effectiveness of the others.

Lightning Fast Reads make parts of this scheme incredibly difficult to defend.

Play Like A Champion by learning real football tips along the way.

What Players Are Saying

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MikeGzYaDig says…

“I would recommend and stand behind anything GoMadden puts out. I have all the guides, a gameplan and the Mind of a Madden Baller Ebook, and they are all top of the line quality information that WILL help you become the best madden player you can be.”

madden review
Amir says…

“The guides were invaluable to my sanity on madden. I was getting slaughtered on madden ’till I made that first visit. The cost of the guides were the best bar none, saved me a cool hundred at least. GoMadden has been a bookmark ever since.”

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