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Madden 25 Guide: Brain Buster

Mini-Scheme: Brain Buster

A Madden 25 mini-scheme that is easy to learn, but almost impossible to stop.

Learning By Example

If you want to be a dominant player in Madden, then you need to have a dominant offense. There’s just no way around that. In “Brain Buster” we show you the ins and outs of our latest offensive creation, and even give you plenty of live game footage along the way to make sure you understand how to run the mini-scheme effectively.

With GoMadden’s Mini-Schemes, players can plug-and-play winning strategies right into their offense, and we’re making one for you inside this guide. This is a full video guide that explains to you the purpose of every play in your arsenal, and even shows you when to call what for maximum efficiency.

Make Your Opponent’s Head Explode

Running Brain Buster isn’t illegal in Madden 25, but it’s going to feel like it should be for all of your opponents. Every play in the mini-scheme has a distinct purpose, and defenses will be forced to solve several unique problems, and then guess which one you are going to use just to have any hope of competing with you. There might not be much willpower left in your opponent after the fourth time you move down the field with the same few series of plays.

Over 15 Minutes of video strategy breaking down the ins and outs of the Brain Buster mini-scheme.

Tackle Defenses by spreading them out, and hitting them where it hurts most.

Punish The Defense with a mini-scheme that includes five layers of catch-22 concepts.

Watch The Knockout in action with clips of LIVE game footage that puts the scheme you’ve learned into action.

Make Use of Speedy Backs with passes that stretch defenses out, and runs that are designed to be wildly efficient.

Play Like A Champion by running a mini-scheme that is based around big plays at the right times.

What Players Are Saying

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