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Madden Guide: How To Make an Elite Offense (Promo)

How To Make an Elite Offense

The definitive Madden video guide that shows you step-by-step how a monster mini-scheme is built.

Learning By Example

If you want to be a dominant player in Madden, then you need to have a dominant offense. There’s just no way around that. In “How To Make an Elite Offense: Power O-No!” we show you step-by-step the essential principles you need to know to make a mini-offense that could challenge even the best players in the game, and we do it by building one right in front of your eyes. Follow along as we install an entirely new offense piece-by-piece, and explain what and why we’re doing it every step of the way.

With GoMadden’s Mini-Schemes, players can plug-and-play winning strategies right into their offense, and we’re making one for you for free inside of this tutorial. This is a complete how-to video guide that teaches you what plays to call, what adjustments to make, why it all works and how to read the defense in the process so you will finally learn how to execute a deadly pocket offense in a matter of minutes.

The Madden Guide That Works Forever

This isn’t just our first-ever guide that shows you the insights into how you can build an elite offense from the ground up, it’s also our most expansive and you can take the principles you learn and apply them to every Madden game in the future. We put this together in Madden 13, but the concepts you learn will last you forever.

Nearly 25 Minutes of video strategy breaking down the ins and outs of the Power O-No! mini-scheme.

Tackle Opponents by finding out how you can build a powerful offense just by following a few important principles.

Punish The Defense with original catch-22 concepts that will translate over to your own original creations.

Watch The Knockout in action with clips of LIVE game footage that puts the scheme you’re building into action.

Make Use of Speedy Backs with one of the best rushing mini-schemes you’ll ever come across.

Play Like A Champion by learning real football tips along the way.

What Players Are Saying

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MikeGzYaDig says…

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Amir says…

“The guides were invaluable to my sanity on madden. I was getting slaughtered on madden ’till I made that first visit. The cost of the guides were the best bar none, saved me a cool hundred at least. GoMadden has been a bookmark ever since.”

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“Become An Offensive Juggernaut!”


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