Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

Madden 13 Ranks #3 on Pastapadre’s Best of 2012 List

Looks like Madden once again will fall behind FIFA.

Popular sports gaming website Pastapadre has been counting down its best sports games over the last few weeks, and today we finally learn where Madden 13 landed: Comfortably at a respectable #3 on the list.

Madden 13 Ratings Explained: OL Strength

Offensive linemen have a lot of strength for a reason in Madden.

Madden ratings have long been shrouded in mystery, but now we're finally starting to get some answers straight from the source. One of EA's more involved designers is spilling the beans in his blog, beginning with the mechanics of Strength for offensive linemen.

6 Ways Madden 14 Could Make Connected Careers Better

What can Madden 14 improve upon in M13's Connected Careers?

Madden 13 introduced a more robust incarnation of its long-standing franchise mode in 2012 with Connected Careers, but for some the new feature fumbled in a few key areas that bogged down what is otherwise an enjoyable gaming experience. In particular, there are five things that we would love to see changed for next season.

Madden NFL Fans Have a Headset: MVP Carbon

There's a New EA Sports-themed Headset Around The Corner

Madden NFL just got a little more interesting today, as EA Sports announced a partnership with Monster that will produce a sports-themed gaming headset that works with everything from Xbox 360, PC, PS3, Wii to Wii U.

Microsoft Counts Down to E3, New Xbox?

Is Microsoft finally ready to show off its new console?

Madden players have been stuck on the current generation of consoles for longer than any ever before, but that could be changing with an expected announcement by Microsoft looming at E3 2013: Could we finally be seeing the new Xbox?

Madden 13 Roster Update Ready for Wild Card Weekend

Robert Griffin III and his Redskins are preparing for Wild Card weekend.

After a long holiday break and a dramatic conclusion to the NFL's regular season, EA Sports has just released a jam-packed Madden 13 roster update for Wild Card weekend.