Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

Weird Madden 15 Ad Hits 3.3m Views in Two Days

It's almost time for Madden Season.

It's almost Madden Season, and in the minds of EA, that means it's time for some really weird ads. Check out the new Madden 15 commercial going viral across the web featuring Kevin Hart, Dave Franco and cameos from a few NFL stars.

Madden 15 Skills Trainer: Basic Drills Revealed

Madden 15's basic skills drills have been revealed.

Skills Trainer is getting plenty of new additions for Madden NFL 15, but what is new in the fundamentals portion? We take a sneak peek at the basic drills found in this year's upcoming football video game from EA SPORTS.

Madden 15 Demo is Not Coming

There will be no Madden NFL 15 demo, however you can still play early.

There will be no Madden 15 demo this year, but there will still be a way to play the game early if you have an Xbox One. Find out why EA won't be offering a traditional demo this year, and voice your opinion.

Madden 15 Random Draft Classes To Stop CFM Cheats

Draft guides will become obsolete in Madden NFL 15.

Draft guides have plagued online franchise leagues for years, but will Madden 15 finally mark the end of CFM cheaters? With the introduction of random draft classes, EA may have just landed the knockout blow.

Madden NFL 15 Franchise Live Stream Recap

Madden NFL 15 Franchise got its own live stream from developers.

Madden NFL 15 Connected Franchise details are out and about, but what do the game's developers have to say about the mode this season? Check out our recap of the Franchise live stream that EA held earlier today on Twitch TV.

Ryan Shazier’s Insane Rookie Ratings in Madden NFL 15


Ryan Shazier may just be one of the best rookie linebackers in recent Madden NFL history, but just how good is he in Madden 15? We take a sneak peek at the Steelers LB and compare him to other young players just drafted.