Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

The Insane Madden 13 Ratings of Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is as good as it gets in Madden NFL 13.

Ever since Adrian Peterson was drafted back in 2007, player evaluation gurus had said the running back out of the University of Oklahoma had an opportunity to be one of the greatest backs of all time, and while he may still have a ladder to climb to get there, he may already be just that in Madden 13.

Madden 13 Debate: Russell Wilson or Michael Vick?

Which dynamic passer would you rather have in Madden NFL 13?

Dynamic quarterbacks have always been a premium in Madden NFL, but there may never be a time with as many good ones as there are right now in Madden 13. Of all the QBs to choose from however, there are two in particular that stand out as a tough decision for any player: Seattle's rookie Russell Wilson, or Philadelphia's Michael Vick?

Madden 13 Debate: Chris Johnson or C.J. Spiller?

Which lightning bolt would you rather have in Madden 13?

Madden NFL 13 has seen the rise and fall of quite a few players this season, but few options remain quite as attractive as Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson, and Buffalo Bills phenom C.J. Spiller.

J.J. Watt Hits 99 Overall in Latest Madden 13 Roster Update

Approaching the NFL sack record, J.J. Watt is now rated 99 overall.

J.J. Watt has been more than just a good defensive end for the Houston Texans this season, in fact his performance is rapidly approaching the greatest of all time, and Madden is starting to appreciate him for it.

Seahawks’ Russell Wilson is Underrated in Madden 13

Russel Wilson's 85 rating isn't doing him justice in Madden NFL 13.

Russell Wilson may not have the prototypical height of an NFL quarterback, but his story has been easy to spot this year for fans. But is he underrated in Madden 13? Some statistics say he is.

Madden 13 Roster Update Has Marshawn Lynch at 96 Overall

Marshawn Lynch's rating increased two points to 96 overall this week.

If Marshawn Lynch wasn't happy enough after his Seattle Seahawks' 58-0 drubbing of the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, then turning on Madden 13 before next week's games just might do the trick.