Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

Christine Michael’s Agility To Be Fixed in Madden 15

Seahawks RB Christine Michael may have changes on the way in Madden NFL.

Christine Michael has some extreme athletic ability, so why is his agility rating so low in Madden NFL 15? Ratings czar Donny Moore took notice, and that may mean changes are on the horizon for the young Seattle running back.

Madden NFL 15 Franchise Details Revealed

Madden NFL 15 CFM details have emerged.

Madden NFL 15 CFM changes have finally arrived, and there's plenty to discuss. What did EA change this year? What is "Game Prep" and will online draft guides finally be obsolete? We've got the answers.

Madden 15 Chargers Ratings

The San Diego Chargers have a few key pieces this season to build around.

Madden 15 Chargers ratings are the final piece of the ratings puzzle, and we finally have them in along with the other 31 teams in the league. For the first time, fans will be able to see the full player ratings for the Chargers ahead [...]

Madden 15 Broncos Ratings

The Denver Broncos are on a short list of elite Madden 15 teams.

Madden 15 Broncos ratings have stormed their way into our sights today, and with them comes the annual intrigue, anguish, and joy that surrounds the roster details of EA’s upcoming football video game. The Denver Broncos had all the makings of an elite team last [...]

Madden 15 Chiefs Ratings

The Chiefs were a defensive powerhouse in 2013.

Madden 15 Chiefs ratings are finally up, and that means we get to see how this season’s team compares to the rest of the division, as well as the rest of the league. Who got the short end of the ratings stick? Who got tons [...]

Madden 15 Raiders Ratings

The Raiders have a new-look offense in 2013.

Madden 15 Raiders ratings have emerged into the scene, and with them comes plenty of reason to debate, discuss, and wonder as we head into the new season of the NFL, and more importantly to us, EA’s popular football video game. At 4-12 on the [...]