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Madden Tips: TD Freek Review

TD Freek Review

“Is the TD Freek really as good as Madden fans say?”

When it comes to Madden, I’m as passionate as it gets. Never mind the fact that I’m the Executive Editor here on GoMadden, which in itself is an indictment on my gaming obsessions. And, just for a moment, never mind that I once made an entire video about things I didn’t like about Madden NFL’s change to the “Strategy Pad” (or as I like to call it, the Strategy Bad). I describe myself as passionate first and foremost because I enjoy competing against other players, and doing all the little work necessary to be a great Madden player. If something can help me with that goal, I’m sure to look into it, so when I heard about KontrolFreek’s new TD Freek I knew I had to see exactly what all the fuss was about.

The TD Freek is a simple attachment that you can get for your Xbox 360 or PS3 controller, and it is based on one important principle: Leverage is control. The TD Freek isn’t the first of its type from KontrolFreek, in fact they have been releasing these sort of peripherals for First Person Shooter games for years, and they have been used by professional gamers for quite a long time. As someone who covered the world of professional gaming for six years, I can tell you that without a doubt, this sort of controller attachment will greatly enhance your aim in FPS games, but I had initial concerns about how it could possibly help anyone in Madden.

“How could this help me? I had to find out.”

One of the luxuries of running one of the most popular Madden sites in the world, is that it wasn’t too difficult to get in contact with KontrolFreek to secure myself a copy for review. When I first received my TD Freeks I was entirely prepared to be let down by how useful they would be, but the second I started to actually play with them, my views not only changed entirely but I understood completely why it works so well for Madden.

In Madden, the right joystick is currently assigned to rushing maneuvers like spinning, juking and trucking, but unfortunately it’s not a pressure-sensitive action. That means if you moved the joystick slightly to the left or right, you will always get the full effect of those skills with no actual nuance that can be mastered with the increased control provided by the TD Freek. It’s not a problem with the product as much as a deficiency with the skill move system in Madden. While the right joystick attachment is almost completely useless, I still contend to this day that I will never play Madden again without my TD Freek.

I say that so boldly, despite the admission above, because of what the left joystick attachment provides. The left joystick in Madden is tied to your player’s actual movements, and unlike the right joystick, it is extremely case sensitive. Everything that requires nuanced movement in Madden is tied to that joystick, from precision passing, to cutting back runs or navigating razor-thin holes in the running game. If you only use the left joystick attachment for the TD Freek, you will without a doubt be like me, and refuse to ever play again without it.

The left TD Freek gives so much additional control over your player that it almost feels like cheating at times. My stick skills in Madden have always been exceptionally good, but I never realized just how much better they could get if my 360 controller gave me a more responsive joystick. As someone who is an FPS nightmare for people on the computer, I have always craved the type of precision a mouse can provide, but for a console. With the Freek, that’s exactly what I got: Better control, better precision and a more authentic response than a normal controller can provide. Playing without a TD Freek is like stepping on an ice rink and realizing you left your skates behind. Not only do you actually feel all of the control you are losing when you don’t use it, but you will also feel substantially less comfortable.

“Playing without a TD Freek is like stepping on an ice rink and realizing you left your skates behind.”

If you are a skeptic about a Madden accessory like I was , then it’s time to put those worries to rest. The TD Freek really does work. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to have enhanced control over their game that they can notice, or even anyone that just wants an attachment that will make their controller significantly more comfortable. I never thought my 360 remote was uncomfortable before I tried the TD Freek, but by comparison to what it’s like with one, it most definitely is.

At this point I have no idea why you haven’t already grabbed yourself some TD Freeks if you haven’t already (you can get them from Amazon). But, if for some reason you still need to see a bit more of them before you go out and make the best purchase of your Madden career, then you can check out the full video review we did on it a little while ago. Trust me, your hands will thank you for these little attachments later. One last thing I should point out though: I have noticed the price of these things steadily increasing over time, most likely as they have become more and more popular. I wouldn’t wait too long to get them while they’re still affordable.